Expert Support

We develop and implement individual solutions for our partners in different industries and applications. Our expertise in applying yeast products and experience in sensory evaluation of our products will support you in creative recipe design and formulation challenges. 


We provide:

- Consulting in the field of yeast extract applications

- Support in the challenge of designing formulations  

- Laboratory analyses and an in-house independent sensory panel

In-house R&D 

Experienced and well-trained in biotechnology, taste evaluation, and food manufacturing, our team will provide reliable Research and Development conceptions regarding food sciences and sensory and practical solutions. Explore how food is produced and create innovative products with our R&D experts.

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Sensory panel

How to ensure the picked solutions were correct? Assess products and applications with a sensory panel! 
Flavourists, with perfectly developed taste buds and special skills in sensory processing, carefully measure finished products that cannot be measured instrumentally. Based on the results, researchers can build and shape the taste impressions projection of future consumers. 
Experts' involvement in the development process and regular sensory testing is the best way to select the individual taste of the yeast products to reach and fulfill customers' end preferences.

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