ExtraCell GustoStar

An advanced range of nutritional yeast products with an accent on flavor.

ExtraCell GustoStar Inactive Yeast


ExtraCell GustoStar is a range of inactive yeast products with an accent on flavor. Nutritional yeast is known for its cheesy nutty “umami” taste. We complemented it with herbs and natural flavor ingredients. This healthy protein-rich seasoning can be sprinkled over ready meals to enhance the overall taste of the product and also complement it with fiber, complete protein, B vitamins, and minerals. is soft green, suitable to enhance the look of any dish.


Discover specific characteristics of ExtraСell © GustoStar Inactive Yeast:

  • A naturally vegan source of complete protein (>45%)
  • Complements the taste of ready meals
  • Assists with salt reduction
  • Benefits digestion, being rich in fiber, lactose-free, and having probiotic qualities
  • Suits diverse diets, including vegan, lactose-, and gluten-free
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