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Yeast extract is a perfect solution for a wide range of food formulations due to its nutrient profile. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, nucleotides, proteins and free amino acids. Yeast extracts are widely used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and animal feed. Meeting customer demands for natural and clean label products, yeast extracts not only reduce salt, replace added monosodium glutamate or sugar they also round off the taste and enhance the flavour in different types of applications such as processed meat, ready meals, sauces, instant soups, seasonings and snacks.
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Who we are:

Extracell Ingredients is a producer and supplier of natural ingredients. Having a strong R&D team and a deep knowledge of fermentation technology, we design and produce goods which bring unique solutions for our customers in the food industry, health care and animal feed.


We guarantee:

- Natural high-quality products that simplify ingredient declarations.

- Individual support and technical advice meeting the requirements of today’s sophisticated food quality standards.

- Products of European origin.



Expert Support:

- Consulting in the field of yeast extract applications.

- Support in the challenge of designing formulations.

- Laboratory analyses and an in-house independent sensory panel.




Expert Extracell

Innovative solutions:

Our expertise in yeast extracts applications and experience in product sensory evaluation will support you in the challenges of creative recipe design and formulation. Extracell Ingredients - your ideas, our solutions!



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