ExtraCell VitaStar

A range of healthy supplement ingredients.

ExtraCell VitaStar Inactive Yeast


ExtraCell VitaStar is a range of healthy supplement ingredients. The products are based on inactive yeast enriched with vitamins and minerals, so that a few grams contain a daily dose of nutrients. Inactive yeast is naturally low in fat and salt, it is a source of complete protein, fiber and minerals in addition to its derivatives such as β-glucans and mannans. It is further enriched with specific and customizable sets of vitamins and minerals. attractive for different consumer groups, such as children.


Discover specific characteristics of ExtraСell © VitaStar Inactive Yeast:

  • Naturally rich in complete protein, fiber, B vitamins, and minerals
  • A supplement ingredient containing a daily dose of essential nutrients is a few grams
  • Customizable in terms of nutrient combination and concentration.
  • Available in an easy-to-use form of powder
  • Suits diverse diets, including vegan, lactose-, and gluten-free
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